About State

What we hope to achieve and to bring you, our reader, is something of a snapshot of the melting pot of ideas present in our youth, and in doing so provide a sense of the direction our society may be steering into.
– Madeline De Leo, 2010 Publications Officer


State is the publication platform of the UWA Politics Club, first formed in 2010 as a platform for students to publish their thoughts and opinions on the issues and challenges of the day.

Echoing the words of our first Editor, Madeline De Leo, it is our hope that students will be able to contribute a little towards the battle of ideas that is happening at the dinner tables and in the corridors of power around the nation and around the world. Ideas about the challenges that confront us – whether as a community, a country or a collective.

An incubator of sorts, allowing us all to better understand one another and the opinions and beliefs that we hold. You will not agree with everything that is written, but we hope that you will appreciate why we believe the things that we do and understand that a difference of opinion is something to cherish and not be cut down.

Since our founding, hundreds of articles have been printed under our banner, reflecting a wide range of views and opinions from student writers of all political persuasions. The primary determinant for being published under State is not the popularity of your idea, but rather the quality of it. We are not afraid to stir the pot, and this is what sets us apart from the rest. Pitch your article idea to us through this site’s contact form or through our Facebook page!

State is an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation staffed entirely by student volunteers.


2010: Madeleine De Leo (as Editor-in-Chief)

2011: Zach Cole (as Editor-in-Chief)

2012: Myles Parish (as Head Editor)

2012-2013: Rebecca Anderton (as Head Editor)

2013: Kallen Martin White

2018: Sarah Jeffrey (as Editor-in-Chief)

2018 State Team
The 2018 State Editorial Team: Ian Tan (President), Sarah Jeffrey (Editor-in-Chief), Nicholas Cokis (Deputy Editor)
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