New Year New You – Meet the 2019 State Team

Nicholas Cokis introduces the 2018 State Magazine Team, as well as reflecting on the past and looking at the future of State.

State Magazine is a publishing platform that gives any UWA student interested in politics a voice to express their own unique and diverse opinion. Last year was a great success for the magazine, and I firmly believe that 2019 holds even greater opportunity for the future of State. As an editor of a magazine about politics though, I do think such an ambitious and maybe even slightly idealistic promise should be backed up with some form of evidence.

Well for one, I am blessed to be working with two amazing colleagues this year who have both proved their commitment to State Magazine in the past. Keegan Nazzari will be joining myself in the role of Editor, and Tyler Walsh will be acting as the magazine’s Publications Officer. With our combined dedication, diligence and ability to deliver pizza to writer’s meetings, I have no doubt that the quality and consistency of State will be upheld.

Outside us three however, we are grateful and fortunate to also receive continued patronage from the UWA Politics Club and the amazing group of people on its committee. Their interest and support allow this magazine to exist, and many of us got involved with State through the existing framework of the club. Expect us to be reflecting on and engaging with the events and initiatives that the Politics Club roll out this year.

As valuable as all these things are, at the end of the day the writers will always be the lifeblood of State Magazine. One of the best things about State is that we have an environment in which people of widely different political dispositions come together to debate, develop and encourage a completely diverse set of articles. Everyone is able to have a say, and everyone’s opinions are respected. It is this principle of diversity which truly makes state unique, and that is why we encourage everyone to get involved and contribute to State this year. Not only do you get your own work formally published, you also gain valuable writing experience as well as new friends from all sides of politics. With exciting new initiatives planned for the rest of 2019, there has never been a better time to be part of the State writing team.

If you are interested in becoming one of our writers, like our Facebook Page to keep up to date with future events!

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