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Pauline Hanson, In Her Own Words

Tyler Walsh discusses One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson's visit to Perth in March, as well as her recently published book "Pauline: In Her Own Words".

Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson and Western Australian Senator Peter Georgiou hosted a special members evening on Wednesday the 14th of March in Perth along with One Nation state members of parliament Collin Tincknell MLC, Charles Smith MLC and Robin Scott MLC.

This evening was a great opportunity for the public to meet state and national representatives of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and socialise with other party members. The night began with an informative presentation by Senators Hanson and Georgiou followed by an interactive Q&A between the audience and parliamentarians, where the general public had the chance to voice their personal concerns and ask questions about Australian and international issues. After the formalities, members of the general public could have a chat and drink with the senators and state members one-on-one, get their merchandise signed and grab a few selfies.

The special members evening in Perth marked the end of Pauline Hanson’s Western Australian tour. Prior to flying into Perth, she and Senator Peter Georgiou made their way around the Pilbara talking about the price of energy and issues affecting many people in the area.

Senators Hanson and Georgiou also visited various oil and gas facilities in the area to observe the operations. The Pilbara area contributes $90 billion worth of exports, which makes the oil and gas industry in the Pilbara an integral asset to the Australian economy. A lot of the gas resources extracted from the Pilbara are under retention leases; some gas resources have been unused for up to 30 years!1 Pauline Hanson’s One Nation are pushing the government to implement ‘use it or lose it’ policy, where unused gas can be sent to the eastern states of Australia to help alleviate their gas shortages.

One of the questions asked by someone in the audience during the special members evening was regarding her infamous ‘burqa stunt’. I found it interesting to hear the story and preparation behind this stunt from Pauline Hanson herself.

Pauline Hanson said that she believed it was rude for Labor Senator Pat Dodson to wear his hat in parliament, so she asked the president of the Australian Senate what the dress code was. When the president said that there was no dress code, this was Pauline Hanson’s ‘eureka moment’. “The parliament is the heart of our democracy.” said Senator Hanson. “So, if there’s no dress code that means that if any Muslim woman gets elected to parliament they can wear the full burqa in the parliament. That is wrong. That’s why I did it (the stunt) because I want to set an example and say ‘you can’t wear a full face covering in the heart of our democracy.”

Pauline Hanson also promoted her latest book at the special members evening. “Pauline: In Her Own Words” is a compilation of some of the speeches made by Pauline Hanson in parliament from when she was the Member for Oxley in the 1990s to now as a federal senator for Queensland.

This book covers her speeches made on a wide range of issues including same-sex marriage, struggling farmers and their banking woes, immigration, Islam, big companies and tax planning. The One Nation website states that “It (the book) is the only reference that matters if you want to better understand the ‘fish and chip shop lady’ outside of the media spin cycle.”

I have pre-ordered a signed copy for myself, and I also encourage you to give it a read. Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 5.23.34 PMEven if you don’t agree with her views at all, you may find that you change your mind on what you think about some of her views. Or, you may find that you disagree with what she stands for even more, which is also perfectly fine. Pauline Hanson is one of Australia’s most controversial politicians after all. “Pauline: In Her Own Words” is available for order via the One Nation website and copies are also available from selected retailers.

“Pauline: In Her Own Words” was released on Tuesday the 27th of March, 2018.


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